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Name day: Rudolf

Statue Turul (Sight) (Tatabánya)

The statue of the Turul is very easy to see from the M1 motorway. The statue is the largest bird statue in the world and the largest bronze statue in Central Europe. In the past, when Hungary was still Greater Hungary, there were even three of these images after the Trianon treaty, the other two have been destroyed. The Turul belongs to Hungary and occurs in two legends, one when they leave from Russia, and one time as the emergence of Hungary by Árpád in 896.
Sights nearby (distance approximately)
Tatabányai Műjégpálya in Tatabánya 5.7 km 10 min.
Tatabányai Gyémánt Fürdő in Tatabánya 5.9 km 12 min.
Tatabánya Kalandpark in Tatabánya 6.0 km 10 min.
Ranzinger Vince-kilátó in Tatabánya 6.6 km 10 min.
Palace Tatabánya in Tatabánya 6.8 km 10 min.
Lapatári Malom Csárda in Tatabánya 8.1 km 12 min.
Archaeological Exhibition Samu in Vértesszőlős 10.4 km 14 min.
Old Lake Golf Club in Tata 13.9 km 11 min.
Old Lake Kalandpark in Tata, Remeteségpuszta 14.5 km 14 min.
Old woodcutter pub in Tarján 14.8 km 18 min.
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2800 Tatabánya
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