1 Euro ==> 361.10 Ft
Name day: Csongor

Cseles Kelepce (Escape Room) (Balatonlelle)

You have to find keys and codes to go further and further in the house. The game is for 2-6 persons. If you like to play don't hesitate to contact us!

We close you into a house. The game is to search and find every little detail, codes and keys then you can go further and further in the house. You must be a group, you must work and think together to solve tasks! You have 60 minutes to find the final, the only one solutions to be free again!

There are two different courts.

1. Tricky thief ( what thiefs are feeling during work)

This is four strength from 5. Imagine you are the thiefs. You can go inside the house without problems, but you can't come out again in normal way. You must search more then you wanted, you must think logic and you must work togheter.

2. Dr. Alan Black's room

This is five strength from 5. Imagine yourself into a room which belongs to an inventor. He's only dream to travel in the time. He left in his house signs and keys to go out but he was really clever? it won't be easy to understand his thought. And there is one big question: Did he manage to find the timetravel or did he die years ago?
Opening hours
Ages 12 and higher
Prices (2015)
Per kamer 9000 Ft 24.90 Euro
Per room 9000 Ft 24.90 Euro
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Rákóczi u. 234.
8638 Balatonlelle
+36 (30) 292-5383
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Geo: 46.7859004,17.6919209