1 Euro ==> 361.10 Ft
Name day: Csongor

Claustrophilia (Escape Room) (Budapest)

Escape rooms are a new trend, which is also known in Budapest. Claustrophilia has even made two chambers, the Wicklewood inheritance and Voodoo tales. The two rooms are close together, within walking distance (other address is Dohany u. 57). At both chambers you should by puzzling and playing with objects find a way to the exit. You'll get an hour! It can be played simultaneously with up to 6 people (Wicklewood 5!) as a team. Take the challenge and find the way out!
Opening hours
Ages 12 and higher
Prices (2015)
2 Persons 8000 Ft 22.20 Euro
3-4 Persons 10000 Ft 27.70 Euro
5-6 persons 12000 Ft 33.20 Euro
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Erzsébet krt. 8
1073 Budapest
+36 (30) 724-2274
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Last change:  01-01-2015
Geo: 47.498154, 19.069751