1 Euro ==> 406.30 Ft
Name day: Eufrozina, Kende

Holnemvolt park (Amusement park) (Budapest)

A large part of the old amusement park of Budapest was taken over by the zoo and was reopened as a new park. You can only go to the park as well as the ticket from the zoo is valid to go inside. For attractions also tokens are required or you can pay. Famous ancient attractions have remained like the big wooden roller coaster. Apart from the attractions there are animals to see in the park.
Opening hours
Monday-Friday: 10:00-18:00
Friday, weekends: 10:00-19:00
All ages
Prices (2014)
Ticket 500 Ft 1.20 Euro
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Állatkerti krt 14-16
1146 Budapest
+36 (1) 273-4900
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Last change:  20-07-2014
Geo: 47.519627, 19.083183