1 Euro ==> 388.25 Ft
Name day: Evelin, Fülöp

Orfűi Waterpark (Waterpark) (Orfű)

A modern water park located on the west side of the Pecsi more. The water park has 4 pools and 7 slides. There is an adventure pool with many water features, there is a pool for real swimmers, there is a jet bath which in many ways bubbles, and there is a children's bath for smaller children with play elements. The younger children have their own slide, the older children and adults the other four slides, which are different. There is fun for everyone. There is also a playground and several sports fields. There is also a restaurant with garden.
Opening hours
Summer: 09:00-19:00
All ages
Prices (2018)
Adult 2500 Ft 6.40 Euro
Child (6-14 years) 1300 Ft 3.30 Euro
Student, pensioner 1900 Ft 4.90 Euro
Child (till 6 years) free
Sights nearby (distance approximately)
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Cave at Orfű in Orfű 2.5 km 5 min.
Cave in Abaliget and bats museum in Abaliget 3.9 km 6 min.
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TV Tower in Pécs 16.5 km 22 min.
Dollár ut
7677 Orfű
+36 (30) 466-8825
Score: 9.00

Last change:  23-06-2018
Geo: 46.147263,18.140475