1 Euro ==> 361.10 Ft
Name day: Csongor

Para Park Szeged (Escape Room) (Szeged)

Main feature of the game is that players (literally) are captured by a mysterious place which can be made in 60 minutes, not with violence, but with reason. The path leads through solving puzzles and brain teasers. Moreover, although we never know for sure what is waiting behind the next door on them. Please note, you must work as a team with your friends, otherwise you have no chance to get out. Logic and teamwork! Here are 3 rooms: 9-Gateway (poster), Experiment 5 and Studio Nr 113 (postboxes).
Opening hours
Ages 5-6 and above
Prices (2015)
Per room 8000 Ft 22.20 Euro
Sights nearby (distance approximately)
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Vitéz utca 28
6722 Szeged
+36 (30) 828-4137
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Geo: 46.247988, 20.142372