1 Euro ==> 394.63 Ft
Name day: Rudolf

Tanyacsárda Lovastelep (Sight) (Felsőlajos)

Here are horse shows given. The show shows the Lipizaner horses, a horseshow with carriages and a show with 5 horses, you may look into the stables. At the end there is a meal. Prior to receiving a drink. In between you can visit a gypsy village and you make a trip in a coach.
Opening hours
1 April till 31 October: 11:30
1 May till 30 September: Daily also at 17:00
Prices (2015)
Adult 5500 Ft 13.90 Euro
Child 3900 Ft 9.90 Euro
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Közös 150.
6055 Felsőlajos
+36 (76) 356-010
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Last change:  17-01-2015
Geo: 47.0645325,19.497328