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Name day: Emil, Csanád

TV Tower (Panoramaview) (Pécs)

The television tower of Pécs is on Mount Misina, which is 535 meters high. The tower itself is196 meters high. The view terrace lies at 75 meters. You have a great view from there in all directions. There is a cafeteria on the terrace. Downstairs there is a restaurant. Also here is an exhibition about the famous dinosaur of Hungary, the Komlosaurus.
Opening hours
All ages
Prices (2014)
Adult 950 Ft 2.60 Euro
Child (4-14 years) 650 Ft 1.70 Euro
Erwachsene 950 Ft 2.60 Euro
Student, pensioner 800 Ft 2.20 Euro
Student, Rentner 800 Ft 2.20 Euro
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Misina tető
7600 Pécs
+36 (72) 336-900
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Last change:  24-12-2014
Geo: 46.099136,18.220126