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Largest book in the world (Sight) (Szinpetri)

The biggest book in the world lies in Hungary. The book is about the National Park Aggtelek and has beautiful graphics. The big book weighs 1420 kilograms, measuring 418 x 377 cm and has 346 pages. The leather binding consists of twenty cattle skins. A page turning must be done by 6 people. The makers Bela Varga and Gábor Varga, his son, masters in papermaking, are since the spring of 2010 in the possession of the certificate from Guinness World Records. They give demonstrations of the method in the printing and binding in the old mill where the company is based. The location of the mill is easy to see by the great salamander on the mountain, this is the sign of the National Park Aggletek.
Opening hours
Monday closed
Tuesday-Sunday: 10:00-17:00
Ages 5 and above
Sights nearby (distance approximately)
Aggteleki Nemzeti Park in Jósvafő 5.3 km 5 min.
Caves in Aggteleki Nemzeti Park in Aggtelek 11.9 km 14 min.
Kazincbarcikai Városi Strandfürdő in Kazincbarcika 44.9 km 58 min.
Cinema City Miskolc in Miskolc 58.5 km 1 hr 6 min.
Miskolc ring Go-karting in Miskolc 58.9 km 1 hr 8 min.
Miskolci Városi Szabadidő központ in Miskolc 59.8 km 1 hr 9 min.
Suvadás Liget in Arló 61.5 km 1 hr 14 min.
Avasi kilátó in Miskolc 64.3 km 1 hr 16 min.
Barlangfürdő in Miskolctapolca 65.5 km 1 hr 21 min.
Miskolc bobsleigh in Miskolc 65.6 km 1 hr 22 min.
Dózsa György utca 100
3761 Szinpetri
+36 (48) 464-220
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