1 Euro ==> 388.47 Ft
Name day: Szökonap

Seholsziget Élménypark (Amusement park) (Nőtincs)

A park where they think it is important that parents and children play together and that preferably in natural environment. One can enjoy horse riding, along with a train, archery and participating in workshops handicrafts, bread baking or crafts. There is a petting zoo, a maze, blacksmith, a playground and a large slide.
Opening hours
Allday: 10:00-18:00
Ages 2 and above
Prices (2012)
Adult 800 Ft 2.10 Euro
Child (2-18 years) 600 Ft 1.50 Euro
Extra charge for some attractions
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Bem u. 28.
2610 Nőtincs
+36 (20) 981-4027
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Last change:  29-07-2012
Geo: 47.885086,19.141311