1 Euro ==> 317.71 Ft
Name day: Artúr, Vince

Csillagos Hely (Horseriding) (Ibafa)

Lovers of horses and horse riding can enjoy their stay here. On Csillagos Hely are three horses and two ponies that can be driven in the outside and in nature. The rides take you through a protected nature reserve with wild flora and fauna. The quiet, hilly area is adjacent to and are useful for this Csillagos Hely. Forested hills, fields with birds of prey circling high in the air and breathtaking views are yours. Hours in the saddle without having to cross a road. The rides are accompanied by a Dutch guide.

In the picadero it is possible for chldren but also for the elderly to learn to ride. On a pleasant and peaceful way they are taught the world of horses. They learn not only riding but also the caring of the horse is discussed. Like learning to cope with the horse, and it unsaddling and polishing. The lessons are given privately which will give plenty of time for you or your child.
All ages
Prices (2010)
Natureride (per hour) 4125 Ft 13.00 Euro
Privat lesson (per hour) 5000 Ft 15.70 Euro
Riding in Picadero (per hour) 3000 Ft 9.40 Euro
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Kossuth Lajos köz 2
7935 Ibafa
+36 (73) 454-180
Score: 8.50

Last change:  06-11-2010
Geo: 46.155807,17.91744