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Name day: Árpád, Árpádina

Szelidi-tó (Beache) (Dunapataj)

A lake with a large beach. It also has a slide. The lake is 3-4 feet deep, 5 km long and 150-200 meters wide (the 5th largest lake in Hungary). There are campsites, restaurants, lodgings. Furthermore, there is always a festival in the summer.
Sights nearby (distance approximately)
Csajda fürdő in Kalocsa 17.9 km 24 min.
Paprika museum in Kalocsa 18.7 km 25 min.
Bakod Lovaspuszta in Kalocsa 18.7 km 25 min.
Paksi Pálma Lovastanya in Paks 25.1 km 1 hr 4 min.
Paks Nuclear power station in Paks 28.5 km 1 hr 3 min.
Lovascentrum - Révbérpuszta in Solt 28.8 km 36 min.
Akasztói Strand in Akasztó 29.7 km 27 min.
Military museum "Pínter Művek" in Kecel 33.7 km 46 min.
Keceli Gyógyfürdő (Swimmingpool) (Kecel) in Kecel 34.1 km 46 min.
Biczó Csárda és Panzió in Fülöpszállás 37.2 km 45 min.
6328 Dunapataj
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Geo: 46.628958,19.04917