1 Euro ==> 388.25 Ft
Name day: Evelin, Fülöp

Cave at Orfű (Cave) (Orfű)

A trip through the caves at Orfű. The trip takes about 5-6 hours, including 3 hours in the cave. First you walk to the cave. There are waterfalls and stalactites-stalagmites. During the trip you must climb ladders. the trip is not too hard. It is 10 degrees in the cave. You need a suit on, it is included in the price It is necessary to reserve by phone or mail.
Opening hours
The trip will take place if there are 4 people.
Ages 10 and above
Prices (2013)
Pro person 4800 Ft 12.40 Euro
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Barlangkutató u. 1
7677 Orfű
+36 (72) 598-036
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Geo: 46.138209,18.160967