1 Euro ==> 391.58 Ft
Name day: Beáta, Izolda, Lea

Forestry Railway (Railway) (Csömödér)

This is still the longest narrow-gauge track from Hungary. The total length is 102.9 kilometers. For the people there is still in use the track between Lenti through Csömöder to Kistolmács with a length of 32 kilometers. The rest is used for transporting cargo, especially wood. There are 15 stops for the people still available.
All ages
Prices (2016)
Retour whole track (32 km) 2000 Ft 5.10 Euro
Sights nearby (distance approximately)
Lovas Vendégház in Kerkateskánd 8.3 km 11 min.
Lenti termálfürdő in Lenti 11.0 km 16 min.
Lenti Gokart Ring in Lenti 11.1 km 17 min.
Kabala Ménes in Gutorfölde 12.3 km 16 min.
Bázakerettyei Termálfürdő in Bázakerettye 17.4 km 25 min.
Abbázia Country Club Hotel in Nemesnép 25.4 km 34 min.
TV Tower in Zalaegerszeg 31.0 km 40 min.
Egerszeg Gokart Egyesület in Zalaegerszeg 38.7 km 49 min.
Dobokay Lovasudvar in Őriszentpéter 38.8 km 53 min.
Lovaspanzió in Boncodfölde 40.4 km 49 min.
Vasút út 2.sz.
8957 Csömödér
+31 (92) 579-033
Score: 9.00

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