1 Euro ==> 387.78 Ft
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Nagycenk Széchenyi Museum Railway (Railway) (Nagycenk)

The narrow gauge railway of Nagycenk was built in 2 phases in the years 1970 and 1972. It has 3 stations, Kastély, Barátság and Fertőboz. The gauge is 760 mm, the length of the track is 3.6 kilometers. The trains are controlled by adults, but children take care of the ticket and the rail road crossings and signals. It is driven by Steam and Diesel trains. Near the station Kastély is a park containing old steam trains and carriages. At the station Fertőboz are two large steam trains (the 424-140 and 520-030). At the last station there is also the station for the railway between Gyor and Sopron.
Opening hours
Only in weekends, from April till October
Look at the website if they drive with steam or with diesel engines.
Prices (2012)
Adult (return) 740 Ft 1.90 Euro
Adult (single) 370 Ft 1.00 Euro
Child (return) 370 Ft 1.00 Euro
Child (single) 185 Ft 0.50 Euro
Steam surcharge per single 200 Ft 0.50 Euro
Sights nearby (distance approximately)
Széchenyi István Historical Museum in Nagycenk 0.4 km 1 min.
Széchenyi István Lovasiskola in Nagycenk 2.0 km 5 min.
Csapó Sétakocsikázás Lovagoltatás in Hegykő 7.8 km 11 min.
Sá-Ra Termál Hegykő in Hegykő 8.1 km 11 min.
Crazy Garage in Sopron 11.1 km 13 min.
Gokart Sopron in Sopron 11.3 km 13 min.
Speedarena Sopron in Sopron 11.8 km 13 min.
Museum of train lamps in Fertőszéplak 12.0 km 13 min.
Bread museum in Sopron 12.9 km 15 min.
Elit mozi in Sopron 13.0 km 17 min.
Fertődobozi utca
9485 Nagycenk
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