1 Euro ==> 388.28 Ft
Name day: Eleonóra

Velence Resort and Spa (Swimming pool) (Velence)

This bath was opened in 2009. In this bath you can both swim in swimming pools as well as in the Velence Lake. In the covered area there are playing bad and 2 thermal baths and a children's pool with slides and water features, located above the whirlpool is a jacuzzi. Outside is a 25 meter bath, a playing bath, and a thermal and a relaxing bath. You can also go to the beach and swimm in the lake. There are many saunas, massage is possible and many other forms of wellness. There is also an outdoor playground, for the larger kid there are a few playing areas. There is the possibility for childcare so parents can relax. Therefore you have animation and children's paradise. Near the pool is a hotel, a restaurant and a snack bar. The entrance fee includes a towel and a bath sheet.
Opening hours
Daily: 08:00-22:30
All ages
Prices (2013)
Adult (weekdays) 2100 Ft 5.40 Euro
Adult (weekends and holidays) 3700 Ft 9.50 Euro
Child (weekdays) 1400 Ft 3.60 Euro
Child 6-16 year (weekends and holidays) 1900 Ft 4.90 Euro
Student, pensioner (weekdays) 1800 Ft 4.60 Euro
Student, pensioner (weekends and holidays) 3300 Ft 8.50 Euro
Sauna, massage and jacuzzi extra costs
Sights nearby (distance approximately)
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Beach in Gárdony 4.9 km 8 min.
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Castlespark (Várpark) in Dinnyés 9.8 km 14 min.
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Miska Huszár in Pákozd 11.3 km 16 min.
Suhogó Lovastanya in Pákozd 12.4 km 16 min.
Béke út
2481 Velence
+36 (22) 589-971
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Last change:  01-01-2013
Geo: 47.225983, 18.659806