1 Euro ==> 393.25 Ft
Name day: Kornélia

Salt Hill Thermal Spa (Swimming pool) (Egerszalók)

The spa, constructed at the base of a special terraced limestone formation created by medicinal water running down the side of a hill, and the versatile, high-quality medical and wellness services are unique offerings in the region.

A total of 17 outdoor and indoor pools are located in the facility, with a water surface of 1,900 m2. Medicinal spa baths, jacuzzi spas, adventure pools, children's pools and slides ensure a pleasant stay for all ages. There is also a sauna world (other ticket necessary) and fitness.
Opening hours
All ages
Prices (2012)
Adult 4500 Ft 11.40 Euro
Child 3000 Ft 7.60 Euro
Pensioner 3500 Ft 8.90 Euro
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Forrás út 4
3394 Egerszalók
+36 (36) 688-500
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Last change:  30-12-2012
Geo: 47.864374,20.328316