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Name day: Huba

Castle of Csesznek (Castle) (Csesznek)

The castle had been built in the 13th century. Its golden century followed in the 15th century under king Zsigmund. Of the castle an impressively Gothic castle has then been made. Later in the 19th century there was firstly a earthquake which devastated a part, later on top came a fire in 1820. Recently restorations have been made. On top there is a splendid view. In the summer months there are around the castle summer festivals with a lot of concerts and actions there.
Opening hours
Spring till Autumn: 09:00-19:00
Other days: 09:00- 1 hour before dark
All ages
Prices (2014)
Adult 500 Ft 1.20 Euro
Child, pensioner 300 Ft 0.70 Euro
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8419 Csesznek
+36 (88) 436-110
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Geo: 47.350876,17.883081