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Budapest Highland Golf Club (Golfpark) (Budapest)

The golf course with 9 holes is the first golf course in Budapest. It lies on 36 hectares in nature reserve. From the golf course there is a splendid view and that on 15 minutes of the center of Budapest. Beside the golf course there 3 Par 3 practice courses, 5 practice courses and a lighted driving range with indoor options in the winter, what is unique for Hungary. Length of the course is for men 2717 meters, for women 2532, for juniors/seniors 2633 and at a championship 2783 meters. It is par 72.
Opening hours
All days: 08:00-19:00
From 10 years
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Dózsa György út 99-103
1224 Budapest
36 (1) 362-8020
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Geo: 47.41741,18.98709