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Name day: Rudolf

Panonniaring (Sight) (Ostffyasszonyfa)

A race circuit which is made by motorcyclists for motorcyclists. It is a safe circuit with large extension on the sides. The circuit is 4740 meters long and the highest speed which they obtain, is 260 km per hour.
All ages
Prices (2013)
For some races there is a admission fee. Normally you can walk in without an admission fee.
Sights nearby (distance approximately)
Sárvári Gyógy - es Wellnessfürdő in Sárvár 11.3 km 13 min.
Aero Kemping és Étterem in Tokorcs 12.1 km 15 min.
Nádasdy Ferenc Múzeum in Sárvár 12.2 km 14 min.
Adventure park Sárvár in Sárvár 13.5 km 17 min.
Vadkert Fogadó in Sárvár 13.8 km 14 min.
Arboretum Sárvár in Sárvár 14.6 km 16 min.
Celldömölki Vulkánfürdő in Celldömölk 16.1 km 23 min.
Szeleste Fürdő in Szeleste 24.2 km 28 min.
Albert Major Lovasiskola in Kissomlyó 26.1 km 24 min.
Kiss Imre Lovasiskolája in Kissomlyó 26.6 km 24 min.
9512 Ostffyasszonyfa
+36 (95) 394-300
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Geo: 47.304311, 17.050304