1 Euro ==> 388.28 Ft
Name day: Eleonóra

Virágfürdő (Swimming pool) (Kaposvár)

The pool consists of a thermal bath, swimming pools and aqua park Viragfürdő. It consists of a few thermal baths and saunas and knows several treatments, the pool has a 50 meter and 25 meter bath. The Viragfürdő has 46 water elements and has the largest pool surface in one piece (almost 3500 m2). It has 4 slides, geysers, waterfalls, caves, whirlpool, etc. For children, there are baths with small elements such as slides, water clown and climbing elements. There is also a playground.
Opening hours
Monday closed
Thermal bath and swimming pool: Tuesday-Sunday: 09:00-19:00
Viragfürdő: in the summer: 09:00-20:00
All ages
Prices (2014)
Adult viragfürdő (Summer) 3200 Ft 8.20 Euro
Child, pensioner viragfürdő 2100 Ft 5.40 Euro
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Csík Ferenc sétány 1
7400 Kaposvár
+36 (82) 317-102
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Last change:  25-01-2014
Geo: 46.351269,17.797487