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Name day: Marcell

Turtlepark (Zoo) (Kőröshegy)

The operation of the zoo is based on the idea of turtles, you can admire the different turtle species, from small to large, from adults to neonates as predators and herbivores on our half hectare plot. You can feel free to caress our small animals in the petting zoo reserved for them. If you want even more relaxing, waiting for you our playground. Not only for children and turtlelovers is a delightful pastime, but anyone who love animals.
Opening hours
1 May 2017 opening
All ages
Prices (2016)
Entrance 1200 Ft 3.10 Euro
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Dózsa György u. 69
8617 Kőröshegy
+36 (30) 264-3942
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Geo: 46.838349,17.88679