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Name day: Rudolf

National Széchényi Library (Sight) (Budapest)

The national Széchényibibliotheek is the national library of Hungary. The library has written the first piece in Hungary in its possession (component of Pray-codex). Furthermore there is the first in Hungarian pressed piece, the Chronica Hungarorum. Nowadays they have also an electronic library. The library tries to collect all the books in Hungarian or at least to disclose. So it is a pleasure to be here if you love the Hungarian language or Hungary.
Opening hours
Sunday, Monday closed
Tuesday-Saturday: 10:00-21:00
8-99 years
Prices (2014)
Adult 1200 Ft 3.00 Euro
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Paleis van op de Buda burcht gebouw F
1014 Budapest
+36 (1) 224-3700
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