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Ski in Hungary

Hungary is not the first country you think of if you look for skiing. The highest part of Hungary, the Kékesteto is 1014 meters high, and there is but little chance of finding snow sufficient for skiing. In Hungary there are however nevertheless a lot of places (at least 30) where ski pistes have arranged. In most of the cases most of them are equipped with ski lifts. (mostly tow lifts, T-bars, etc. only one chair lift at Sátoraljaújhely!)
On the Kékesteto and at Visegrád snow canons are used, it is possible to ski here more often. At the pistes themselves generally no possibilities for hiring of ski equipment, also repairing is often not possible. Advantage is that if you can ski the ski lifts are a lot cheaper  than in the surrounding countries (Slovakia or Austria).
Ski cross-country is however generally reasonable possible in Hungary. Loipes are however hardly plotted.
It is very difficult to keep up of all pistes open and which snow altitudes are there. For this the next sites are a good alternative (however only in Hungarian).
Internet site concerning of ski in Hungary: Hungarian ski internet site
Snow altitudes and openings of the pistes can be found here: snow altitudes and pistes
Here a quick overview on a map: Snow altitudes on a map